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Title: Chronicles of the Sleepless
Author: jolinarcarter
Summary: Rodney snores and Carson just wants to sleep.
Spoilers: Nothing specific.

Rodney concentrated on his laptop while Carson stood patiently in the doorway with his pillow and a blanket, waiting for Rodney to notice him. Carson cleared his throat loudly.
Rodney looked up, irritated. "Carson- What are you doing here?"
"The heating in my room quit working," Carson explained. "It's like a freezer in there."
"And you want me to fix it?" Rodney asked, reluctant to leave his comfortably warm room.
Carson shook his head. "I asked Zelenka about it. He said he couldn't without running the risk of accidentally disconnecting everyone's heating. I was hoping you could lend me your couch for the night," Carson continued hopefully.
Rodney sighed. "Why me?"
"Because I don't want to go traipsing around Atlantis, waking people up and asking if I can sleep on their couch."
"Fine," Rodney relented. He couldn't help but be curious as he watched the doctor walk to the couch. Yes, Carson was definitely limping. "What happened?"
"Twisted my ankle," Carson arranged his pillow. "It'll be fine." Rodney saved what he had been working on and slipped into his bed.
Carson was just starting to dream about his grandmother's pie when he was rudely awakened by obnoxiously loud sounds coming from Rodney's bed. He groaned and tried to block the sound out with his pillow, but the sound was only slightly muffled. Carson muttered something under his breath and threw his pillow at Rodney, but it had no effect. He retrieved the pillow and tried to just ignore the snoring, but he only lasted 5.3 minutes before he started repeatedly hitting Rodney with his pillow. To his immense relief, the snoring ceased.
Carson settled back into the couch and attempted to sleep, only to hear something dripping in the small bathroom adjoining Rodney's room. He got up and stumbled into the bathroom, managing to bump into every object in between only to realize the dripping had stopped. He tripped his way back to the couch, miraculously without incurring serious damage, and realized that he was now wide awake.
Counting sheep didn't help- he was simply bored after reaching 587. He had a few evil thoughts along the lines of 'If I can't sleep, Rodney won't either', but he quickly dismissed those. He eventually drifted off to sleep while wondering what would happen if sheep went on strike.
When Carson woke up, it was light outside and Rodney had already gotten up and left. He found a note and read it. "Nurse Gallahad threatens to kill you if you put so much as one foot inside the infirmary." Carson chuckled. First order of the day: steal Rodney's stash of chocolate he was sure was hidden somewhere in the room. Right after a nap...

EDIT: Fixed! Sorry.
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