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Rodney sighed. "Let's go over this again: what are the five rules I've given you for 'gate travel?"
"Number one: Don't make me come over there and push you through; Number two: Exhale before entering the Stargate; Number three: Pack light; And four: Listen to whoever's in charge," Carson finished and looked at Rodney hopefully.
"Good so far. What's the fifth rule?" Rodney asked patiently.
Carson sent Rodney a pleading look, then grinned. "Always pack a towel?"
"What?" Rodney returned Carson's pleading look with an exasperated one.
Carson gasped dramatically. "Don't tell me you went through the Stargate without ever reading the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy?"
"I have better things to do with my time, including keeping this," Rodney gestured pointedly at Carson's leg, which was currently in traction, "from happening again. Now, fifth rule?"
"No running off to help the wounded, hostile alien," Carson recited, then gave Rodney a pointed look. "You do realize that that's never going to be obeyed, right?"
"But I can dream, can't I? At the very least, bring someone with you. I'm the one who's supposed to go off on a mission and get hurt, and you're supposed to be here to patch me up, not the other way around."
Carson looked thoughtfully at his leg. "I think I like this arrangement better. I don't have to listen to you whine about the pain."
Rodney answered, "If this keeps on happening, I'm sure I can think of something to whine about even more. That should keep you from making it a habit."
"How nice to know that if I ever break a leg again, you'll be there to whine for me," Carson joked.
"All joking aside, don't do this again," Rodney told Carson seriously. "Stop to think a minute before you go off to help the bounty hunter."
"I didn't know that he was a bounty hunter!" Carson protested.
"Uh-huh. So you would have ignored him if you had known?" Rodney asked skeptically.
"Well... no," Carson coughed awkwardly into his hand, then grimaced as it joggled his leg.
Rodney's expression softened slightly. "Get some sleep."
Carson settled into the bed. "'Night, Rodney."
"Good night, Carson."
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